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5GN CloudPort Your Gateway To A World Of Digital Technologies

  • 5GN CloudPort serves as a universal access method for 5GN Wholesale’s next-generation ethernet and transit services. Register via the 5GN Wholesale Portal and get your free 1Gbps CloudPort* plus Data Centre Connect - EVC (up to 1Gbps bandwidth – Intrastate) for 6 months
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  • 5GN CloudPort provides business with the ultimate multi-service access platform, creating flexible and easy to create network connections into multiple data centre environments, private and public cloud environments and a host of other services

5GN CloudPort - No Network Port Has Ever Worked So Hard

  • Multiple-service single access point.
  • Access to the 5GN suite of services.
  • NBN compatible.
  • Multiple peering exchanges available (Tier 1 Telco products and services and the World’s leading ∙ global cloud providers).
  • Multiple-service single access point.
  • Secure and private point-to-point connectivity using VLANs.
  • Connect just once and create multiple network connections
  • Flexible bandwidths available from 100Mbps to 100Gbps.
  • Scalable (up to 100Gbps) – increase or decrease your bandwidth as required.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth without network contention.
  • Coverage - Metro, national and international coverage.

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If you require any additional information to complete your CloudPort configuration contact your 5GN consultant today on 1300 368 404


*Minimum committed bandwidth – 5Gbps or greater bandwidth. Plus, purchase a 10Gbps port CloudPort – $390 per month Traffic ratio of Outbound to inbound traffic needs to be no greater that 25% outbound traffic and includes domestic and international.