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Welcome to the new 5GN Wholesale Portal

News Welcome to the new 5GN Wholesale Portal

Welcome to the new 5GN Wholesale Portal

Published: 01/05/2021
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As you may be aware, ColoAU was acquired by 5G Networks last year in July 2020. Immediately, we embarked on the journey to create a market leading wholesale portfolio through the successful unification of 5G Networks with ColoAU and its capabilities.

Accordingly, for the last nine months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to combine the best of ColoAU with the nationwide infrastructure of 5G Networks, and we're proud to share our first step with you through the launch of our newly created 5GN Wholesale.

5GN Wholesale is unique; encompassing ColoAU’s domestic and international backbone, coupled with 5G Networks' own domestic fibre footprint, data centres and 24/7 support teams.

Our mission is to bring a more responsive, flexible approach to the wholesale market in Australia.

Today we would like to share with you the first step of this journey - the release of our new 5GN Wholesale Portal.

ColoAU and 5GN Wholesale customers can now use a single portal, providing seamless visibility of your services, with the ability to view finance data, complete sales orders and create support requests. Moving forward we will also be adding access to live network and utilisation graphs by service type.

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as we embark on this journey. If you have any concerns please contact us.