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Letter of Authority

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Certain upstream providers and private peers require a written, valid Letter of Authority (LOA) to be signed and completed before they will allow the announcement of IP Space via their networks.

The following letter is a template of a basic LOA, that we will use to pass on to our upstream providers and private peers to ensure successful routing via their networks. The LOA must include a company letterhead and use information that matches that of the information provided to the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) that manages your IP space. If the information is different to the information provided via the RIR you will be required to provide proof that you are the company / person whom is authorised to request this announcement.


Dear Colocation Australia Pty Ltd

Authorisation to Announce / Re-Announce IP Space
[EXAMPLE COMPANY] authorises Colocation Australia Pty Ltd to allow the routing of the following NetRange(s) in conjunction with the services being rendered to [EXAMPLE COMPANY].

Organisation Name :
Address :
City :
State / Provence :
Postal Code :
Country : AU

NetRange :
Origin AS :

By affixing my signature, I certify that I am authorised to act on the behalf of [COMPANY NAME] and to execute this Letter Of Authority.


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