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Traffic Engineering Communities

BGP communities to allow 5GN Wholesale customers to influence routing within the 5GN Carrier network and to upstream/downstream peers.


63956:666 Blackhole (Availble down to /32 subnets)
63956:30001 Prepend 1x to Australia
63956:30002 Prepend 2x to Australia
63956:30003 Prepend 3x to Australia
63956:30009 No Export to Australia
63956:32001 Prepend 1x to QLD
63956:32002 Prepend 2x to QLD
63956:32003 Prepend 3x to QLD
63956:31001 Prepend 1x to NSW
63956:31002 Prepend 2x to NSW
63956:31003 Prepend 3x to NSW
63956:33001 Prepend 1x to VIC
63956:33002 Prepend 2x to VIC
63956:33003 Prepend 3x to VIC
63956:34001 Prepend 1x to SA
63956:34002 Prepend 2x to SA
63956:34003 Prepend 3x to SA
63956:35001 Prepend 1x to WA
63956:35002 Prepend 2x to WA
63956:35003 Prepend 3x to WA
63956:32031 Prepend 1x to AAPT Brisbane
63956:32032 Prepend 2x to AAPT Brisbane
63956:32033 Prepend 3x to AAPT Brisbane
63956:32039 No Export to AAPT Brisbane
63956:32041 Prepend 1x to Anycast Brisbane
63956:32042 Prepend 2x to Anycast Brisbane
63956:32043 Prepend 3x to Anycast Brisbane
63956:32049 No Export to Anycast Brisbane
63956:31031 Prepend 1x to AAPT Sydney
63956:31032 Prepend 2x to AAPT Sydney
63956:31033 Prepend 3x to AAPT Sydney
63956:31039 No Export to AAPT Sydney
63956:31051 Prepend 1x to Anycast Sydney
63956:31052 Prepend 2x to Anycast Sydney
63956:31053 Prepend 3x to Anycast Sydney
63956:31059 No Export to Anycast Sydney
63956:33021 Prepend 1x to AAPT Melbourne
63956:33022 Prepend 2x to AAPT Melbourne
63956:33023 Prepend 3x to AAPT Melbourne
63956:33029 No Export to AAPT Melbourne
63956:33041 Prepend 1x to Anycast Melbourne
63956:33042 Prepend 2x to Anycast Melbourne
63956:33043 Prepend 3x to Anycast Melbourne
63956:33049 No Export to Anycast Melbourne
63956:35021 Prepend 1x to AAPT Perth
63956:35022 Prepend 2x to AAPT Perth
63956:35023 Prepend 3x to AAPT Perth
63956:35029 No Export to AAPT Perth
63956:35011 Prepend 1x to Anycast Perth
63956:35012 Prepend 2x to Anycast Perth
63956:35013 Prepend 3x to Anycast Perth
63956:35019 No Export to Anycast Perth
63956:32011 Prepend 1x to IX Australia QLD
63956:32012 Prepend 2x to IX Australia QLD 
63956:32013  Prepend 3x to IX Australia QLD 
63956:32021 Prepend 1x to Mega IX Brisbane
63956:32022 Prepend 2x to Mega IX Brisbane
63956:32023 Prepend 3x to Mega IX Brisbane
63956:31011 Prepend 1x to Australia IX NSW
63956:31012 Prepend 2x to Australia IX NSW
63956:31013 Prepend 3x to Australia IX NSW
63956:31021 Prepend 1x to Mega IX Sydney
63956:31022 Prepend 2x to Mega IX Sydney
63956:31023 Prepend 3x to Mega IX Sydney
63956:31051 Prepend 1x to Equinix Sydney
63956:31052 Prepend 2x to Equinix Sydney
63956:31053 Prepend 3x to Equinix Sydney
63956:33051 Prepend 1x to IX Australia VIC
63956:33052 Prepend 2x to IX Australia VIC 
63956:33053  Prepend 3x to IX Australia VIC 
63956:33011 Prepend 1x to Mega IX Melbourne
63956:33012 Prepend 2x to Mega IX Melbourne
63956:33013 Prepend 3x to Mega IX Melbourne
63956:33031 Prepend 1x to Equinix Melbourne
63956:33032 Prepend 2x to Equinix Melbourne
63956:33033 Prepend 3x to Equinix Melbourne
63956:35041 Prepend 1x to IX Australia WA
63956:35042 Prepend 2x to IX Australia WA 
63956:35043  Prepend 3x to IX Australia WA 
63956:35051 Prepend 1x to Mega IX Perth
63956:35052 Prepend 2x to Mega IX Perth
63956:35053 Prepend 3x to Mega IX Perth
63956:35031 Prepend 1x to EdgeIX Perth
63956:35032 Prepend 2x to EdgeIX Perth
63956:35033 Prepend 3x to EdgeIX Perth
63956:36001 Prepend 1x to New Zealand
63956:36002 Prepend 2x to New Zealand
63956:36003 Prepend 3x to New Zealand
63956:36009 No Export To New Zealand
63956:36011 Prepend 1x to Mega IX Auckland
63956:36012 Prepend 2x to Mega IX Auckland
63956:36013 Prepend 3x to Mega IX Auckland
63956:36021 Prepend 1x to NZIX Auckland
63956:36022 Prepend 2x to NZIX Auckland
63956:36023 Prepend 3x to NZIX Auckland
63956:40001 Prepend 1x to USA
63956:40002  Prepend 2x to USA
63956:40003 Prepend 3x to USA
63956:40009 No Export To USA
63956:41041 Prepend 1x to Telia Los Angeles
63956:41042 Prepend 2x to Telia Los Angeles
63956:41043 Prepend 3x to Telia Los Angeles
63956:41049 No Export to Telia Los Angeles
63956:41061 Prepend 1x to Cogent Los Angeles
63956:41062 Prepend 2x to Cogent Los Angeles
63956:41063 Prepend 3x to Cogent Los Angeles
63956:41069 No Export to Cogent Los Angeles
63956:41021 Prepend 1x to Any2 Los Angeles
63956:41022 Prepend 2x to Any2 Los Angeles
63956:41023 Prepend 3x to Any2 Los Angeles
63956:41071 Prepend 1x to Equinix IX Los Angeles
63956:41072 Prepend 2x to Equinix IX Los Angeles
63956:41073 Prepend 3x to Equinix IX Los Angeles
63956:61001 Prepend 1x to SG
63956:61002 Prepend 2x to SG
63956:61003 Prepend 3x to SG
63956:61009 No Export To SG
63956:61011 Prepend 1x to Telia Singapore
63956:61012 Prepend 2x to Telia Singapore
63956:61013 Prepend 3x to Telia Singapore
63956:61019 No Export to Telia Singapore
63956:61021 Prepend 1x to PCCW Singapore
63956:61022 Prepend 2x to PCCW Singapore
63956:61023 Prepend 3x to PCCW Singapore
63956:61029 No Export to PCCW Singapore
63956:61031 Prepend 1x to EquinixIX Singapore
63956:61032 Prepend 2x to EquinixIX Singapore
63956:61033 Prepend 3x to EquinixIX Singapore
63956:11000 No-Export to Rest of World (AU Only)

Origin Communities

BGP communities to allow ColoAU customers to understand the origin of a route being learnt from the ColoAU network.

63956:30000 Learnt from Australia
63956:32000 Learnt from QLD
63956:31000 Learnt from NSW
63956:33000 Learnt from VIC
63956:34000 Learnt from SA
63956:35000 Learnt from WA
63956:32030 Learnt from AAPT Brisbane
63956:32040 Learnt from Anycast Brisbane
63956:31030 Learnt from AAPT Sydney
63956:31080 Learnt from Anycast Sydney
63956:33020 Learnt from AAPT Melbourne
63956:33040 Learnt from Anycast Melbourne
63956:33020 Learnt from AAPT Perth
63956:35010 Learnt from Anycast Perth
63956:32010 Learnt from IX Australia QLD
63956:32020 Learnt from Mega IX Brisbane
63956:31010 Learnt from IX Australia NSW
63956:31020 Learnt from Mega IX Sydney
63956:31050 Learnt from Equinix IX Sydney
63956:33050 Learnt from IX Australia VIC
63956:33010 Learnt from Mega IX Melbourne
63956:33030 Learnt from Equinix IX Melbourne
63956:35040 Learnt from IX Australia WA
63956:35050 Learnt from Mega IX Perth
63956:35030 Learnt from EdgeIX Perth
63956:36000 Learnt from New Zealand
63956:36030 Learnt from Feenix
63956:36020 Learnt from Auckland IX Auckland
63956:36010 Learnt from Mega IX Auckland
63956:40000 Learnt from America(s)
63956:41000 Learnt from United States of America
63956:41040 Learnt from Telia Los Angeles
63956:41060 Learnt from Cogent Los Angeles
63956:41070 Learnt from EquinixIX Los Angeles
63956:41020 Learnt from Any2IX Los Angeles
63956:60000 Learnt from Asia
63956:61000 Learnt from Singapore
63956:61010 Learnt from Telia Singapore
63956:61020 Learnt from PCCW Singapore
63956:61030 Learnt from EquinixIX Singapore
63956:60000 Learnt from Asia
63956:62000 Learnt from Tokyo
63956:62010 Learnt from Telstra Global Tokyo
63956:62020 Learnt from Verizon Tokyo
63956:62030 Learnt from EquinixIX Tokyo

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